Angola fish stories

Angola fish stories

As this report in from Marc Lange demonstrates, the fishing in Angola is WILD…

“Basically you fish with very thick hand line and for the rainbow runner and rockcod you got to chum when the vessel does crew change with the Billy Pew ( big basket ) or doing back loading which is when they load drill strings and containers onto the vessel.  These fish live around the rig and we see them when doing the work diving.

For the tuna you use jigs, they are big eye and the one diver Shaun Swanevelder got one of about 40kg. We catch so many we hate them after awhile. They not as kiff as the dorado for eating.


Angola fish stories…Marc Lange hoists a bull of a Dorado.

The dorado you throw plug and then start chumming when they go off the plug. I caught a wahoo on chum about 7kg. There was a big sea pike that would appear under our DSV ( dive support vessel) but it would eat a piece of chum but not a lure. The water was very clean and you are high up when on the second deck and watch the dorado frenzy as they smash and go wild.


The idea is as the fish hits the plug or eats the chum you pull and get his head the water and just lift him up and over into the vessel, then it’s all hell as he goes wild all over the deck area. But such fun, the one time I was lying in my bunk when the one deck crew came and told me a big shoal of dorado had arrived alongside the vessel . I got out my bunk and onto the second deck and there they were . A big shoal of females, I used plug then they went off the plug and I chummed the old tuna we keep in a bucket and I got 11 in about 30 min.


Then it’s fillet time and clean up and it’s fresh dorado in olive oil and garlic, salad and chips in the galley for lunch or supper. I send pics just now.”

Thanks Marc keep the pics and stories coming man!

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