Bruce Gold collectors edition tee

Bruce Gold collectors edition tee

It was fun and fanfare yesterday at the original home of the Gold family, in Southport…a reunion of sorts, delicious biscuits and coffee and photos with the family. Bruce’s Mom at 90 was the star of the show, ably supported by Jenny (Brucifires sister).


Highlight: havin’ my photo taken with the Golden Family…

It’s no coincidence that Bruce grew up in this very house a few hundred metres from the most thunderous wave around for miles. It’s his closest beach?! Did he surf it alone back then? “Of course!”, is the convincing reply.


That’s my shirt! Bruce Gold Collectors edition Tee shirt by the Holmes Brothers. Shalom chom…(c) Holmes Brothers

The Holmes Brothers from Durban side have released a collectors edition tee-shirt starring Brucifire…and featuring a soul arch that could stretch across the whole of J-Bay! On a mean wave nogal! Write your name on it the same time you buy it bru!

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