Geelbek salmon for chow!

 Geelbek Salmon for chow!


Mike Stubbs with his quota of Geelbek Salmon, for the evening…

The Geelbek are a lot more reliable than the sardines, that’s for sure! There are not that many around, half a trip is spent searching for them with the sounder, and we can easily do 20 miles in an outing.

But the struggle is worth it when you finally get the fish into hatch and then a pan! Which is our preferred way down here at the Umzimkulu Marina.

Pan fried fish is a touch on the unhealthy side, but if you minimise the oil, and even use alternatives…coconut oil / olive oil / butter…or as we like it, it a touch of each variant…you should use the same amount of oil as you would in a curry or a stew. One or two tablespoons max.


The basic ingredients and tools necessary for any fish shallow fried fish meal…nice pan and spachelor…chopping board…salt ‘n pepper, herbs ‘n spices, butter and oil, flour ‘n egg…and of course…freshly caught Geelbek Salmon…

So, fillet the fish and trim into 1 cm thick slices and medallions. That’s important…the thickness.

Then, in another controversial move, in one bowl, chuck in an egg, with a dash of milk or beer, and stir it up! In another bowl…throw in some flower, and spice it up…Italian herbs and spices, salt and pepper, chilli, garlic etc… the list is endless…just choose your favourites and experiment.

Coat the fish piece in the spicy flower, dip it into the egg mix, and straight into a pancake hot pan with a smattering of oil.

If you cook the geelbek without the batter, it dries out quickly and can be easily ruined…the batter holds the natural moisture in…either way, it is a very short fry…just brown the batter coating ever so slightly. It’s about a minute and a half each side and that’s that. The best pieces are still raw – soft and chewy on the inside…melt in the mouth kind of stuff.

Serve any old how and with any old thing. Whatever it is, the geelbek taste and lingering flavour will always steal the show!


Slices of Geelbek Salmon fillet shallow fried in light batter…served with butternut and potato mash…



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