Winter fishing roundup by Mike Stubbs

Winter fishing roundup by Mike Stubbs

Sardine correspondent Mike Stubbs pulled this 5kg Catface Rockod off his ski recently

Sardine correspondent Mike Stubbs pulled this 5kg Catface Rockod off his ski recently…

“It’s been a tough but overall good winter fishing season for rock and surf anglers on the KZN south coast. The rays have been providing most of the fun…and rumours of some beautiful daga salmon on plastics at night, keep surfacing.

A nice little kingfish came out off Orange Rocks, Uvongo, where the shad have been really active, mostly just legal size fish.

A nights fishing earlier this month produced a ray, a Moray Eel…and a crayfish, all taken on shad belly, which has been working much better that sardines or squid.

A few days later, two more blue skates were caught at Uvongo, and further down south, at Ramsgate, a 10kg steenbras!”


Beautiful Rayne and beautiful rainbow trout caught in the Kokstad lakes area…(c) StubbZ

“Meanwhile, anglers inland fishing the crisp lake waters around Kokstad, have been having a great run with the rainbow trout.”


Tye Redinger is a promising young angler who, with a 8lb leader on a floating line, dressed with a Black Willy Bugger and a sparke of blue…landed this huge rainbow trout in the Kokstad area. Nice catch pal! (c) StubbZ

“And to top the report off…this amazing Carp, caught by Johan Redinger abobe the Oribi Gorge on the Umzimkulu River…”





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