Bazaruto Blue Marlin in winter – again…

Bazaruto Blue Marlin in winter – again…

Hi Sean,

Seems incredible but every time we been going deep off Bazaruto, we getting into some Blue Marlin…and this is the peak of winter!!!
Went out on Friday night to fish for broadbill swordfish and we found very interesting structure dropping from 300 to 500 meters in less than half a mile. Except for sharks the night was uneventful but the next morning we decided to troll around the area with some Marlin lures and an hour into it we got a awesome strike on the short corner Black Big T РTT and hooked up. Charles Holsted brough his first ever Marlin for a release Рa  fish we estimated at about 400 pounds.
We had another blue come up on the same lure a tad later but missed it and just before heading home hooked a sailfish that pulled hooks close to the boat!
Looks like we might have a winter fisheries in our hands that no one knew about!
Will be out there friday again, hope to have some news by the weekend!
Cheers mate,

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