Cory Lopez surfing Muizenberg on the Wavejet

Cory Lopez surfing Muizenberg on the Wavejet

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Cape Town surf folk were treated to an exhibition type session down at Muizies this weekend, as Corey Lopez – ambassador for the Wavejet propulsiuon system, demonstrated the units ‘out there’ capabilities.

Cass Collier was seen in the mix, and a bunch of other CT surfers too. Groms and ballies alike!

Cass Collier waxes up ready to go surfing under battery power on the Wavejet propulsion system…down at Surfers Corner in Muizenberg.

Hitting the lip uhhhn… foam demonstrating the Wavejet small board installation…

The Wavejet propulsion system fits into the bottom deck of any customised surfboard or craft. The boards have a plug that can be inserted into the propulsion system bay, when you really feel like paddling again! Or while your Wavejet unit is on charge. Reportedly, the unit can power you at full speed for an hour, and is remotely operated with a wristwatch, that also cuts the engine if the Wavejet moves more that 10 feet or so away from the rider. More detail to follow on

Corey Lopez and some lucky Cape Town surfers getting ready to try out their power surfboards…with a full charge.

The Wavejet is receiving a warm welcome as it’s applications are being realised up and down the coast. Surfing is just one activity – these units can be adapted to a diverse range of craft including but not restricted to rescue and fishing ski’s, canoes and kayaks, fishing SUP type craft and even the Crocka Ski of the old days…in fact, there will surely be a host of new designs eminating from the huge innovation that the Wavejet unit actually is.

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