Zambezi Shark on Rapala in the Umzimkulu

Zambezi Shark on Rapala in the Umzimkulu

A Zambezi Shark freshly caught and released in the Umzimkulu River

A Zambezi Shark freshly caught and released in the Umzimkulu River

It was a beautiful afternoon and with our crew of 6 tourists from the Mantis and Moon Backpackers in Umzumbe, were in high spirits as we trolled two little Strike Pro Rapala imitations through the rising and jumping fish on the Umzimkulu River.

At one stage, a huge tarpon, about a metre in length tailwalked across the bow of the boat. After getting a few chasesĀ and a missed strike, we stopped off at the big hole up near Roystons Hall, and started to cast the lures around the place. The water was clean but the river still flowing quite strong. After a hundred casts, and much egging on from the travellers, the green and yellow Strike Pro got hit. A strong fish that fought well, doggedly staying out of sight until at the last minute it broke the surface and showed itself to be a beautiful little Zambesi Shark!

Luckily the boat was full of camera wielding touro’s and we got a heap of great pics and a video clip (coming soon), before releasing it with a kiss, very alive and well, back into the Umzimkulu River. Since this is the second similair sized Zambezi caught in the river this year, with many more of the same shape and size being encountered, we can only deduce that a big momma might still be cruising up and down, after having given birth in the estuary. Maybe there are a few!

To fish with us on the Umzimkulu River, email Sean on or call +27 79 326 9671

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