Ian Logie – Garrick in the Umzimkulu, and other stories…

Yep…Ian Logie does it again! Fishing with his son at Spillers Wharf last night, Ian’s mullet flapper was taken by this spirited Garrick, which screamed line off Ian’s SL30…up and down the Umzimkulu River.
Soon a big crowd gathered to watch as Ian expertly retained his title of being king of the Umzimkulu.
The fish was brought to gaff after a good 20 minutes as it jumped and splashed and turned sharply.

Ian Logie Garrick Umzimkulu

Ian Logie and his proud son with the Garrick caught in the Umzimkulu River, last night.

Not to be outdone, Marius Awcamp’s rod went away just afterwards and he was rewarded with a beautiful Blue Tailed Mullet – a big one at that.

Marius Awcamp Blue Tailed Mullet

Marius Awcamp caught this large Blue Tailed Mullet

The Umzimkulu River has come alive and is in good condition as the big tides have been flushing it out, twice a day. The water is clean and all sorts of fish have been coming out including Rock Salmon like the one picture here about to be released by Mathew Defilippi, who with his Dad and brother have recently had a really good run of these amazing fish.

Mathew Defilippi Rock Salmon

Mathew Defilippi releases a Rock Salmon

And finally we have young Jarrod Gallagher, pictured here with his trophy Caranx Ignoblis, or Giant Kingfish, or GT, also taken in the Umzimkulu River. He caught it on a trolled white StrikePro and on light tackle.

Jarrod Gallagher Giant Kingfish

Jarrod Gallagher Giant Kingfish

To come fishing on the river in safety and comfort, call Sean on 079 326 9671 to charter The Umzimkulu, a 26ft retired commercial boat. We can fish all night or half night, we have a braai on board, lights, seating and tackle.

Pre-plannning is essential, there are many factors to take into account including the tide, the moon, the fishing, the weather, live bait…call to make a booking.

Alternatively you can fish off the side at Spillers Wharf for a small fee, and park your car inside the complex by calling Marius Awcamp on 078 397 1140.

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