Umzimkulu Dorado!

Marc Lange fishing on the Niteshift out of the Umzimkulu...dorado!

Marc Lange fishing on the Niteshift out of the Umzimkulu…dorado!

When the rivers fill right up with brown pigmented water from the summer rain catchment areas in Kwa-Zulu Natal, they  spew out into the ocean hitting the current to form a beautiful seam between the brown and blue water.

This is Dorado time on the Natal and Transkei coast! They swim up and down this seam ambushing baitfish caught swimming in and out of these brown clouds.

Marc Lange with two nice ones…I am pretty sure there were a few more in the hatch! The Umzimkulu River mouth makes for a huge plume and the dorado patrol aggressively…feeding all day sometimes.

Check out for more on how to get into the action!

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