Spearing Report KZN weekly by Jason Heyne Radical new IGFA rules Port Shepstone things to do Chris Bertish Stand up Guy Umzumbe Backpacker options Cyclone Dineo: Message from Lalaland in Tofo, Inhambane Angola Grander Blue Marlin Waiting Period Announced For 2017 JBU Supertrial Presented By Monster Energy Cyclone Dineo damage count Very sad Blue Marlin mystery solved It’s bang on – Tofo squared by Cyclone Dineo  It’s bang on – Tofo squared by Cyclone Dineo  Blue Marlin Bazaruto There you go J-Bay, a nuclear reactor in your own backyard… Cyclone DINEO is here Rehabilitation of natural wetlands at Renishaw Hills’ development to attract local flora and fauna Maputo to Pomene by sea…there and back Kobbies in the Cape Crazy Cool JBay SurfView action SA Spearfishing record for marlin smashed Surfing the real Flintstones The Umzimkulu River this morning Chasing the goose – surfing the KZN South Coast in summer Estuary cabin boat for sale Report from under the water by Jason Heyne One good thing about Bike Week on the KZN South Coast More Saints trash Diamond skate caught and released at The Block in Port Shepstone Crocodile Couta at Trafalgar Weekly Spearfishing by Jason Heyne Self catering accommodation options in Tofo Twin Shelley Beach sailfish by The Tackle Box A shiver of sharks, a bale of turtles, and a backpacker palace Fishing Umkomaas with Mannies and Mydos Report Who named him Flipper? The Protea Reef tuna revisited The Bazaruto GTs and other stories by Captain Duarte Rato Another great Umzimkulu fishing story by Kiran Ramjiawan Weekly Spearfishing report KZN Huge Zambezi in Umzimkulu Mouth Baby Black Marlin shoal off Bazaruto Pumula Local. Surf and shad check. Croc Rock just out from Casa Frenzy The Tackle Box Shelley Beach shows how The new MYDO SS Spoon range available in KZN at… Fish strikes back – hard Fishing Sunwich Port with Sunwich Superette Potato Bass caught and released at Karridene Rigging your MYDO Spoon – the traditional way Marlin off Margate Pier Fly fishing Umdloti with JP Bartholomew Chris Leppan and his 40kg Zambezi in the Umzimkulu The Kruger Park with Krugerview Backpackers in Komatipoort Captain Duarte Rato and the Great Barrier Reef KZN Spearfishing Report Real cool beach fishing trolley rolling in Casa Frenzy Biggest couta ever caught at Zavora Report Spear-fishing KZN report Half price on everything in Tofo Spearfishing by Jason Heyne Alternative surfing accommodation in Tofo The Great Barrier Reef by Captain Duarte Rato Surfing Tofo shorebreak Jason Heyne Spearo report Summer Shark Trace by Kiran Ramjiawan Casa Algodoal early season accommodation specials at Praia do Tofo Dave’s Inhambane Tilapia fish farm tour Spear-fishing Natal report Transkei fishing well Skippers needed by The Sardine Team Kingfish on MYDO Luck Shot #1 Bad Brad’s Kingfish at Pomene Spearing by Jason Catch n Release in Mozambique Cell C Goodwave 2017 Entries Close End November Inhaca Island with The Frenzy Spearfishing weekly by Jason Heyne Report The perfect storm in Maputo last night Cracking good fishing in the Umzimkulu today Spearfishing Natal waters weekly Offshore Africa’s new air boat in Port St Johns  KZN Bonefish by JP Bartholomew  Deep sea fishing Barra Spearfishing in Kwazulu Natal report Barra superbank on Fire again Weekly Spearfishing Report Entries Still Pouring Through for Cell C Goodwave So you wanna see a bait ball? Fishbazaruto Boats are The Answer To Everything Expert addresses challenges facing wildlife at monthly Crocworld Conservation Centre talk Weekly Spearfishing by Jason Heyne Yellowfish Open day by Stealth and The Fishing Pro Shop 1 Oct Vilankulo, Vilanculo, Vilankulos, Vilanculos, or Vilancoulos? Fishing Pro Shop phone lines hooked Tofinho to Barra surf fishing in Mozambique Rock Salmon on the KZN South Coast

Spearing Report KZN weekly by Jason Heyne

The diving conditions have been well below average due to Cyclone Dineo’s ripple effect on our weather. Every river on the north and south coast came down in flood. Saturday morning a light offshore blows with smaller 1.3m swell running and later in the day a moderate southwest blows. Sunday the southwest continues to blow with the swell running at 2m. Saturday conditions are right early morning but finding viz is going to be a problem. As always dive safe and straight spears

New IGFA Rules

Radical new IGFA rules

Radical new IGFA rules The new IGFA rules published recently include some long overdue and revolutionary amendments. The main one to me, is that you are now allowed to tie your top line ie the line class you are fishing, to your backing, no matter what backing! There is a minimum stipulated length of top […]

Port Shepstone things to do

Port Shepstone things to do Port Shepstone things to do… Since forever, Port Shepstone’s south bank has been the start of many an adventure up or down the Umzimkulu River. But a few bridges, and many boats later…the floods have made their mark – and you can still stick with tradition, and take a river […]

Chris Bertish Stand Up Guy CBI Image

Chris Bertish Stand up Guy

Chris Bertish Stand up Guy It’s all fair and well being a Bertish, and crossing the Atlantic Ocean ace-out on a SUP, but when you get a song written about you, then you know you’ve made it. And made it Chris has. He has crossed the oceans for charity and this stand up guys deserves all […]

Justin Maisch about to paddle Umzumbe backpacker options

Umzumbe Backpacker options

Umzumbe Backpacker options The good old days of living out of a camper van, or in a tent…carpark to carpark…in the sixties, gave us the dream in the first place. Those days are long gone now, and all we have to compensate for the lost nostalgia is the backpacker scene. Umzumbe back in those olden days was […]

Cyclone Dineo: Message from Lalaland in Tofo, Inhambane

Cyclone Dineo: Message from Lalaland in Tofo, Inhambane Some of you may know that southern Mozambique just sustained a direct hit from Severe Tropical Cyclone Dineo. The majority of the southern coastline has sustained unbelievable damage and entire communities have been physically erased. Many in these communities have lost literally everything they owned: homes, crops, and […]

Angola Grander Blue Marlin

Angola Grander Blue Marlin Some more pics of the sensational Angola Grander Blue Marlin taken this week. This time off Lobito in Angola, and yes again, on a small 21ft ski-boat type vessel. This one made it to the scales however and it came in at 497kgs! Inside the huge marlin, was a sailfish, estimated […]

Waiting Period Announced For 2017 JBU Supertrial Presented By Monster Energy

 Waiting Period Announced For 2017 JBU Supertrial Presented By Monster Energy JBay – The much-anticipated JBU Supertrial event that happens every year at Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay will take place sometime during their normal waiting period slot of 1-11 June. The event organisers have traditionally held these dates as a prime time for early winter […]

Cyclone Dineo damage count

Cyclone Dineo damage count The Cyclone Dineo damage count is really bad for the local population, many of whom live in reed and grass houses. And on exposed islands and wetlands. The lodge owners and better off population in stronger houses held out far better. The technique of building rooves to go, on top of sturdy […]

Blue Marlin Mystery

Very sad Blue Marlin mystery solved

Very sad Blue Marlin mystery solved A huge Blue Marlin was reported last week, but enthusiasm levels about it, were not that high. Then we found out the truth. The fish was killed, and left out there to be eaten by sharks. KZN North Coast… It would have weighed 1245 pounds or so, according to […]

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