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Well the week so far has been dismal besides Saturday and Sunday. Big swell and plenty wind dirtied up the inshore. Today (Friday) the swell dropped and a good west blew. Saturday morning a light southwest blows switching to an onshore later in the day with a 1.2m swell running. Sunday morning the northeast picks up speed during the day with a 1.4m swell running. So it looks like Saturday is good for a dive. King and queen mackerel should be around. Not much viz was reported today but south should be diveable. As always dive safe and straight spears

Thank you Jason Heyne

Who named him Flipper?

Who named him Flipper? Not sure, but that’s his name, and he made another guest appearance during a fishing trip we were on a few days back. This dolphin guy has been living in the waters off Port Shepstone for quite some time now. He is super social – loves a chat and a sardine. […]

Protea Reef Tuna are suckers for the MYDO Luck Shot Mini

The Protea Reef tuna revisited

The Protea Reef tuna revisited As we cruised up to the north pinnacle of the famous Protea Reef tuna concentration, the surface boiled and I threw with the wind. It was my first cast so I checked the drag and started cranking, hauling my Mydo Luck Shot to the surface where I could see the […]

Bazaruto GT

The Bazaruto GTs and other stories by Captain Duarte Rato

The Bazaruto GTs and other stories by Captain Duarte Rato Captain Duarte Rato checks in with a cool rendition of whats been happening Bazaruto side. GT wise! Duarte reports that in some places, anglers up and down the Mozambique coastline, have been experiencing a boom in GT catches! GT’s. Caranx Ignoblis. Kingfish! So it certainly […]

Another great Umzimkulu fishing story by Kiran Ramjiawan

Another great Umzimkulu fishing story by Kiran Ramjiawan Friday, 21st October, was the day we took the short journey with plenty of food, beer and a variety of bait. We booked in with our fantastic hosts Brian and Geraldine Lange, and met our friend Elvis, the always smiling river’and qualified barge skipper. We quickly tackled […]

Weekly Spearfishing report KZN

Weekly Spearfishing report KZN Jason Heyne back on the program with his weekly spearfishing report KZN style… The conditions this week have been great but game fish have been scarce. A few king and queen mackerel did come out though. A light southwest is blowing now(Friday afternoon) and the swell is negligible. Saturday morning a […]

Huge Zambezi in Umzimkulu Mouth

Huge Zambezi in Umzimkulu Mouth Submitted by: Sean Lange Report: Huge Zambezi in Umzimkulu Mouth For an hour or more, we watched as a huge Zambezi Shark patrolled the fast outflowing water of the Umzimkulu River this afternoon. Speculation and hope is that the huge fish, one of a few sighted in the area lately, […]

Baby Black Marlin shoal off Bazaruto

Baby Black Marlin shoal off Bazaruto An Instagram feed journal of the activities of The Sardine News activities…Baby Black Marlin shoal off Bazaruto A few days ago, Capt. Duarte Rato reported on all the baby Black marlin been caught off the Bazaruto Archipelago, into this new year. These are amazingly beautiful fish – which put […]

Pumula Local. Surf and shad check.

Pumula Local. Surf and shad check. An Instagram feed journal of the activities of The Sardine News activities… The KZN South Coast is brimming with character and characters – like this evergreen shad killer checking things out down at Pumula this week. The shad have been jumping out if you find yourself at the right […]

The view from the conference and staging area at Casa Frenzy

Croc Rock just out from Casa Frenzy

Croc Rock just out from Casa Frenzy Enjoy a great little video shot by on a recent trip to Casa Frenzy. She was diving with Diversity Scuba in Tofo. More about Casa Frenzy… Casa Frenzy, a beautifully designed and built beach house, half way between Barra and Tofo – right on the beach – is […]

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